Here are some unique travel gift ideas for your travel-loving friends and family for the holidays. After browsing the travel gift basics (power banks, packing cubes, etc etc), check out more unique travel gifts like yoga mat sandals or waterproof playing cards. 

You might start shopping for unique travel gifts yourself while going through this post! 

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Travel Gift Basics

Let’s get these basic travel gifts out of the way first. I wouldn’t categorize these as unique travel gifts because you’re bound to find these on almost all travel gift guides. I won’t explain the benefit of traveling with each one, but many of these are included on my Long-Term Travel Must-Haves Post

If you notice a travel gift here that you don’t already have, chuck it in your cart for checkout! 

Electronic Gifts for Travelers for Any Budget

Airbnb Gift Card

Every traveler, from backpackers to honeymooners, could use a travel upgrade. Give them the gift of treating themselves to a night or two in a nice Bed & Breakfast, somewhere with a pool, or a boutique resort with an Airbnb Gift card

Audible Audiobook Subscription

A unique travel gift perfect for any budget is an Audible subscription. Audible is Amazon’s audiobook membership. Purchase audiobooks individually, or access thousands of audiobooks for free with an Audible membership. 


  • 1 month – $15
  • 3 months – $45
  • 6 months – $90
  • 12 months – $150

GetYourGuide Experience

Know where your traveler will be heading to next? Why not gift them an excursion or entry ticket through GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is an authorized reseller for many popular excursions around the world, and makes travel planning easy through their app. Purchase tickets through them directly to gift, or purchase a gift card. The perfect travel gift for any budget! 

Teamlab Borderless tickets in Tokyo can be purchased through GetYourGuide

Experience Digital Art at Teamlab Borderless Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo Japan, tips on visiting. Forest of Resonating Lamps

Unique Travel Gifts Under $10

Earth Laundry Bag

This lightweight, foldable laundry bag is perfect for storing dirty clothes. Packing cubes are a travel gift-obsession to help organize before a trip. But what about during the trip when you’re blazing through clean, nicely-folded clothes? 

This laundry bag is a travel gift to use during a trip. Throw your dusty, sweaty clothes in here and keep them separate from the rest until you’re able to do some laundry.  

Price: $7

Travel Tube Sets

Perfect for weekend warriors and other short-term travelers, travel tubes lets you take a bit of home with you abroad. 

Pack sustainably by bringing small portions of your home shampoo, conditioner, and lotions so you can forgo the tiny plastic bottles at hotels. 

Price: $10

Luggage Lock

Whether your traveler is staying in hostels or taking long-haul flights, give them the gift of security to prevent mishaps on the road. 

Luggage locks with longer cables can be used in more ways than standard hard locks. 

Price: $7

Map Tapestry

Here’s a unique travel gift that I have myself! 

This map tapestry is a beautiful blue, and comes at a great price. It’s great for decorating rooms on its own, or get creative with print-out pictures or pins so it serves as a reminder of where you’ve traveled.

Price: $10

Waterproof Playing Cards

We all need something to keep us entertained on the road right? Here’s a unique gift for any traveler – waterproof playing cards! These Hoyle Cards look great and are sure to last even on sticky hostel tables. 

Price: $5

Unique Travel Gifts Under $25

Books to Spark Wanderlust

Books are important companions for travel. Give these as a gift for travelers to help fuel their wanderlust. 

The list of travel-worthy books is endless, but here are two to get you started:

Vagabonding – $11 and Eat, Pray, Love – $14

Collapsible Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are a travel staple to reduce your carbon footprint. Forget the bulky Nalgene bottles and check out this collapsible silicon bottle. It packs tiny, has a carabiner attached to it, and comes in many wonderful pastel colors. 

Price: $16

City Maps

If you know the favorite city of your loved one, here’s a unique travel gift for them. Memorialize their trip by gifting them a detailed map of their favorite city. Or order a few to have as classy wall decorations. 

Price: $15

Merino Wool Socks

Make sure your traveler stays warm on the road with these Merino wool socks. They have ‘superior cushioning’ at the foot base to make sure no matter how many steps you take, your feet stay comfortable. A staple from my Nepal Packing List

Price: $14

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Travel often means walking thousands of steps more than you’re used to each day. Make sure your feet stay cool and comfortable with these yoga mat base sandals from Sanuk. 

Perfect for traveling to hot countries, these sandals are sure to keep your feet happy. 

Price: $23

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Set

Shampoo and conditioner bars have started trending in the last years as travelers are more conscious about their effect on the environment. Forget those tiny plastic travel-size bottles and check out this unique travel gift. 

Price: $22

Reusable Bag

This is an everyday necessity, but a unique gift for travelers too. It’s much easier to refuse plastics abroad if you can show the vendor that you brought a nice bag yourself. 

This Baggu bag is lightweight and made from recycled material, so you can twice as good about saving the planet! 

Price: $12

Unique Travel Gifts Under $50

Armchair Travel Books

These large books are filled with beautiful pictures and hundreds of adventures. They go great on any coffee table or bookshelf, and are great because you can pick them up and flip to any page for guaranteed wanderlust inspiration.

Price: $26

Detailed Scratch-Off Map

This large scratch-off map is not like the rest – the map beneath is very detailed and classy. This unique travel gift will make a great conversation starter and reminder of wonderful travels in the past. It even comes ready with pushpins too! 

Price: $36

Lego City Skyline Sets

Has your loved one recently visited a city that they can’t stop talking about? Fuel their wanderlust with one of these LEGO Architecture sets to commemorate their trip. They are available for several famous city skylines including ParisLondonNew York, and Sydney. They’re great for kids and adults.

Price: $32-$50

Portable Solar Charger

If your traveler is going to a remote area or a place where electricity is not always guaranteed, a solar charger is a great gift. I would have used this while trekking in Nepal, where the teahouses only have solar to generate electricity anyways. Another way to reduce your carbon footprint on the road! 

Price: $50

Unique Travel Gifts Under $100

Antique Globe

When I was a kid, I spent hours staring at the globe in my house. What’s more fun for a traveler than closing their eyes and spinning it, then imagining what it would be like to go where their finger lands? 

Price: $55

Chacos All-Purpose Sandals

Chacos are the only travel shoe you’ll need. With my Chacos I’ve trekked through Nepal, walked through rivers, and tackled both hot and cold weather exploring. 

The adjustable straps ensure that the sandals will fit comfortably, and they dry quickly too if you walk through water. Cold weather hiking? Wear socks with these bad boys too! 

Price: $62

Fujifilm Instax Camera

What’s better than printing memories as keepsakes the moment they happen? This Fujifilm camera accessory bundle comes with a carrying case, picture frames, and stickers to help decorate the pictures. Be sure to buy some film to go with it! 

Price: $80


One of a traveler’s worst nightmares is to be stuck in the bathroom for days because of a case of Delhi belly. Help keep their drinking water clean and safe by gifting a Steripen. It uses UV light to destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in water, including Giardia (which is not killed off by water purification tablets.)

Price: $80 

Luxury Travel Gifts $100+

Travel Backpack

For backpackers and adventure travelers, there’s no better travel gift than the backpack that will be their travel companion. My recommendation is the Gregory Jade (the backpack I use) which comes with both a small day bag and a raincover. Another popular bag option is the Osprey Fairview, popular with backpackers. 

Gregory Jade – $168+

Osprey Fairview – $143+

5-Piece Map Wall Art

Take map decoration to the next level with this gorgeous wall art. Gift this unique travel gift with a set of push pins, or just let it serve as a reminder of all the places yet to be explored.

Price: $135

Entry-Level Drone

If your traveler wants to take their pictures to the next level, why not give them a drone? This entry-level drone connects to smartphones and allows users to see what they are taking pictures of. 

Price: $300+

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

For a next-level gift, give your loved one the best of the best: a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone. Their pictures and Instagram feed will never be the same after they get their hands on this. 

Price: $1350+

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Unique travel gifts for christmas, unique travel gifts for any budget, unique travel gifts for every budget, unique travel gifts under $10, unique travel gifts under $25, unique travel gifts under $50, unique travel gifts over $100
Unique travel gifts for christmas, unique travel gifts for any budget, unique travel gifts for every budget, unique travel gifts under $10, unique travel gifts under $25, unique travel gifts under $50, unique travel gifts over $100
Unique travel gifts for christmas, unique travel gifts for any budget, unique travel gifts for every budget, unique travel gifts under $10, unique travel gifts under $25, unique travel gifts under $50, unique travel gifts over $100