15 Best Ryokan in Hakone

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Hakone, Japan is one of the best places to stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan. With its onsen hot springs, views of Mt. Fuji, beautiful natural surroundings, and close proximity to Tokyo, Hakone has been a ryokan destination for Japanese people for centuries. 

If you’re looking to experience a traditional Japanese ryokan in Hakone, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy amazing food, Japanese omotenashi hospitality, and beautiful scenery in these incredible Hakone ryokan

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What makes a Hakone ryokan one of the best?

In order for a ryokan to make it on my list of incredible ryokan in Hakone, it had to pass a number of conditions:

  • Breakfast and dinner options included – Dining at a ryokan is part of the traditional Japanese experience. Ryokan often serve kaiseki or multi-course traditional Japanese meals which use seasonal and regional ingredients. Are you vegan or vegetarian? Be sure to check out my list of veg-friendly ryokan around Japan. 
  • Onsen facilities – onsen hot spring baths are a must for enjoying Hakone and a Hakone ryokan to its fullest. Fed by local thermal springs full of healthy minerals, relaxing in an onsen is part of the ultimate ryokan experience.
  • Top-rated, with many Japanese reviews – Japanese people have very high standards when it comes to a ryokan experience. The best ryokan in Hakone have repeat Japanese guests, and a healthy share of Japanese reviewers on booking sites. 
  • Private bathroom – if the Hakone ryokan is very traditional, it will only have shared bathroom facilities (including shared toilets). For maximum comfort, I selected Hakone ryokan that have attached bathroom options and other amenity perks. 

In a rush? Here are some of my top Hakone ryokan options for a traditional Japanese stay you’ll never forget:

Hakone ryokan, Japanese ryokan, traditional Japanese ryokan in Hakone

Now let’s get started with this list exploring 15 incredible Hakone ryokan stays! 

The best Hakone ryokan listed below are ordered by price at the time of writing. Most ryokan room bookings come with meals included. If coming to Hakone a budget, keep in mind that removing meal options from a room reservation will decrease prices significantly, but you may be challenged to find a restaurant open for dinner outside of your ryokan.

1. Kinokuniya Ryokan Hakone

Japanese Style Room with Private Bathroom – $173 USD per night for two people, no meals, $251 USD per night for two with breakfast and dinner included. 

Kinokuniya Ryokan (not to be confused with the popular Japanese bookstore chain) is a Japanese ryokan in Hakone that has been operating for more than 300 years, since 1715! 12 generations later, this ryokan is still accepting guests in Hakone – it doesn’t get more traditional that that. 

This ryokan offers both public and kashikiri (rentable, private) onsen for its guests, as well as yukata Japanese robe rentals and a small TV in each room. Rooms are Japanese tatami-style with sliding doors that open up to beautiful mountain and forest views. Additional facilities available to guests include table tennis and a small gift shop on-site. 

Kinokuniya ryokan is accessible by bus and is located near the Ashi-no-yu bus station. It’s also a 10-minute car or taxi ride from Kowakidani train station in Hakone. 

Check the latest prices and availability for this budget friendly Hakone ryokan here

2. Senkei Hakone

Japanese-Style Room – $216 per night for two people, no meals, $316 per night for two with breakfast and dinner included. 

Senkei is a traditional Hakone ryokan hotel where you can experience top-notch Japanese hospitality and indulge in all the amenities that Hakone is known for. The ryokan has indoor and outdoor public onsen facilities for guests, including a rooftop outdoor onsen with beautiful views. Guests can also enjoy a massage chair, spa, and gift shop on-site. 

This Hakone ryokan also offers rooms with private outdoor onsen attached to the rooms. The largest room here can fit six people (on Japanese-style futons), which also comes with an open-air private onsen located on the spacious outdoor patio.  All rooms come with attached bathrooms, a mini fridge, free toiletries, and yukata robes. 

Senkei is accessible on foot from Hakone-Yumoto train station, one of the more lively areas of Hakone. 

Check out the latest prices and availability here

3. Hakone Gora Onsen Lalaca

Japanese-Style Room with Shared Bathroom (with en-suite toilet) – $284 USD per night for two people, breakfast and dinner included. $296 for rooms with private shower and toilet, breakfast and dinner included. 

Lalaca is a family-run ryokan in Hakone that blends Japanese ryokan traditions with Western amenities. With only 10 rooms available at this ryokan, you know you’ll receive personalized service and have an unforgettable stay in Hakone.

Guests can enjoy both indoor and outdoor public onsen here fed by Hakone Gora hot spring waters. The ryokan also has a kashikiri private onsen that can be rented by guests, yukata rentals, as well as a ping pong table and massage chair. 

Lalaca is accessible from the Koen-Shimo Cable Car Station (a perfect location if you pick up a Hakone Free Pass) and a 10-minute walk from Gora train station. 

Check out the latest prices and availability for this quaint Hakone ryokan here

4. Hakone Onsen Ryokan Yaeikan

Japanese Style Deluxe Room – $287 per night for two people, breakfast and dinner included. Up to six people can stay in this room with Japanese futon bedding, for $862 per night with meals included.

With many large rooms available for guests, this Hakone ryokan is a perfect place to stay for large families and friend groups visiting Hakone. All rooms have a toilet attached, but bathing occurs at the public onsen facilities on-site. Rooms also come with a mini fridge, mini TV, electric kettle, free green tea, and yukata rentals. A limited number of rooms also have a private onsen (indoor or outdoor options available). 

Facilities at this Hakone ryokan available to guests include indoor and outdoor public onsen, two kashikiri private onsen rentals, a Japanese garden, and gift shop on-site. 

Hakone Onsen Ryokan Yaeikan is located walking distance from Hakone Yumoto station, making it easier to access from Tokyo than other Hakone ryokan. 

Check out the latest prices and available of this Hakone onsen ryokan here

5. Hakone Kowakiein Mikawaya Ryokan

Standard Room with Shared Bathroom, Annex (en-suite toilet) – $342 USD per night for two people, breakfast and dinner included. 

Hakone Kowakien Mikawaya Ryokan is a Hakone ryokan which offers a traditional Japanese ryokan accommodation in a historic setting. The main building has been operating as a ryokan for 140 years, and is a designated cultural asset of Japan. It also has luxurious private villas and an annex building which offer more contemporary ryokan accommodation experiences. 

This ryokan features on my list of Hakone ryokan with private onsen, as well as my list of vegetarian-friendly ryokan in Japan. Here, it’s possible to book a room with Shojin-Ryori, or traditional Japanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. 

Both types of rooms have Western-style beds with options to use Japanese-style futons instead.

Hakone Kowakien Mikawaya Ryokan also has a kashikiri (rental) private onsen at the main building, which can be rented for free for 60 minutes per group. The main building also has a bar and lounge area, a souvenir shop, and private indoor and outdoor hot springs for use by all guests. Amenities such as toiletries, yukata rentals, slippers, and other omotenashi goods are also provided. 

Check the latest rates for this Hakone ryokan here.

6. Mizunoto

Western Style Twin room – $293 USD per night for two people, no meals, $402 per night for two with breakfast and dinner included.

Mizunoto is a recently renovated Hakone ryokan with offers rooms with Western-style beds, perfect for Hakone travelers who may prefer a raised bed or mattress to the traditional futon experience. The Western-Japanese ryokan rooms still retain their traditional Japanese ambiance though with spacious attached tatami areas, perfect for sipping tea and relaxing. Rooms also come with a small TV, mini-fridge, free toiletries, and yukata robes. 

Some rooms at this Hakone ryokan have an attached private onsen, called semi-open air because they are located in a covered area on the balcony. If you’re interested in more private onsen, check out my full list of Hakone ryokan and hotels with private onsen! This ryokan also has public hot spring onsen on-site and three different kashikiri reservable onsen. 

Mizunoto ryokan is walking distance from the Hakone Open Air Museum and Chisuji falls, and is accessible on foot from Kowakidani train station.  

Check out the latest prices and availability here

7. Hakone Tokinoshizuku

Suite with Balcony – $432 USD per night for two people, breakfast and dinner included.

Hakone Tokinoshizuku is a small ryokan with only eight guest rooms, where every single room has a private onsen included! These outdoor tubs are made of Japanese hinoki wood and take free-flowing hot spring water from the Hakone hot springs. The private onsen are located on the terrace of each room, and have views of the Hakone forest and some of the Hakone Open Air Museum. On clear days, the very top of Mt. Fuji can also be seen from the ryokan! Both Western and Japanese-style rooms are available.

The ryokan offers yukata rentals, perfect for wearing to the public indoor and outdoor onsen at the neighboring ryokan, which guests from Hakone Tokinoshizuku have free access to. Japanese-style kaiseki (multi-course) meals are served in-room or at the restaurant on-site. Western-style breakfasts can also be requested at this Hakone ryokan. 

Hakone Tokinoshizuku is located near the Hakone Tozan railway, between Kowakidani and Miyanoshita stations. 

Check out the latest rates and availability for this Hakone ryokan here

8. Gyokutei

Japanese-Style Room – $473 per night for two people, breakfast and dinner included. 

Gyokutei is a scenic, traditional Japanese ryokan in Hakone with beautiful Japanese garden surroundings. Rooms have tatami flooring and futon bedding, and bonus amenities like a small TV, mini fridge, free toiletries, and yukata rental robes. 

The ryokan has a large indoor public onsen is available for guests to use, as well as two kashikiri private onsen for rent. Because there is no restaurant area on-site, Japanese meals are served in-room for a private traditional ryokan experience. 

Hakone Yumoto train station is an 8-minute walk away from this Hakone ryokan.

Check the latest prices and availability here

9. Ryuguden

Japanese Style Room with Mt. Fuji and Lake View – $488 USD per night for two people, $807 per night for four people, breakfast and dinner included. 

Ryuguden is a ryokan run by the Prince Hotel group, a luxury Japanese hotel chain, so you know you’re in good hands. This Hakone ryokan is located near Lake Ashi, and boasts spacious tatami rooms overlook either the lake or the surrounding forests. If you’re lucky, lake-side rooms also have views of the elusive Mt. Fuji. Rooms here are either Japanese-style or Western-style, all with attached bathrooms, TVs, electric kettles, free toiletries, and yukata robe rentals. 

The large public onsen here, both indoor and outdoor, have some of the best views over Hakone and Lake Ashi! Guests can also enjoy a sauna on-site. 

Check the latest prices and availability of this Hakone ryokan here

10. Gora Kansuiro

Japanese-Style Room with Hot Spring Bath – $505 per night for two people, $736 per night for three people (room with open-air bath), breakfast and dinner included. 

This Hakone ryokan is located in a historic building with traditional Japanese architecture. Guests can choose between rooms with an outdoor or indoor private onsen, or a standard room with shared bathroom. 

This Hakone ryokan has large family rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 8-9 people, which are some of the largest Hakone. If you’re looking for a quality ryokan experience to share with a big group, this is the perfect Hakone ryokan for you. 

The main ryokan building has a public outdoor onsen that overlooks a beautiful Japanese garden, and several communal indoor onsen that guests can enjoy as well. All of them provide guests with a feeling of being immersed in nature and traditional Japan. 

This Hakone ryokan is located on the Haya River, a five-minute walk from Gora train station. 

Check the latest prices and availability here.

11. Yoshimatsu

Japanese-style twin room – $559 per night for two people.

This Hakone ryokan is a total dream for people who love nature and the outdoors. Each room overlooks sculpted Japanese gardens, has open wooden terraces and traditional tatami rooms. Surround yourself here with bamboo groves, serene Japanese gardens, and (for some rooms) a private stone onsen. What more could you ask for? 

This Hakone ryokan has a super-special room which overlooks nearby Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji too, but it books out well in advance. Keep an eye out for availability of the Luxury Suite with Mt. Fuji view

Yoshimatsu Ryokan in Hakone also has a public outdoor onsen, a ceremonial Japanese tea room and a scenic koi pond. It’s located 5 minutes from the Lake Ashi (Boat) Cruise Station.

Check the latest rates for this Hakone ryokan here.

12. Hakone Kyuan

Twin Room with Tatami Area and Mountain View $617 per night for two people, $1,107 per night for four people, breakfast and dinner included. 

This modern ryokan offers ten rooms for guests, which include both traditional Japanese and Western-style rooms with mini fridges and mini TVs. Including rooms with private onsen! The private onsen are all a semi-open air design, to blend the boundaries between an outdoor onsen and the indoor room.

Hakone Kyuan also has a private onsen room that can be booked separately for 40 minutes per reservation, which overlooks the majestic Mt. Myojogatake.

Hakone Kyuan is located in Hakone Gora area, walking distance from key Hakone points of interest including Hakone Yunessun Onsen Park and the Hakone Museum of Art. The closest train station is Kowakidani train station. 

Check the latest prices and availability here.

13. Yamagaso

Japanese-Style room with hot spring bath – $757 USD per night for two people, $1,463 per night for four, breakfast and dinner included. 

Yamagaso is a unique and luxurious Hakone ryokan, located in Hakone Yumoto. It was built in the traditional Japanese Sukiya architectural style, with thatched roof buildings and open Japanese garden spaces. It has retained its traditional charm and looks like a Japanese teahouse from the exterior. 

Yamagaso ryokan is small, with only six rooms available and each located in its own detached cottage – the perfect private ryokan experience. All rooms have private bathrooms, a mini fridge, electric kettle, free toiletries, and rental yukata robes. The rooms also all have attached onsen, either indoor or semi-outdoor, which draws from natural hot spring waters. A small public bath is also available on-site which can be used exclusively by Yamagaso guests. 

Check out the latest availability and prices for this Hakone ryokan here

14. Hakone Suishoen

Precious Suite Twin – $797 USD for two people, breakfast and dinner included. 

Hakone Suishoen is a wonderful ryokan in Hakone that is located in a historic building that was once a holiday home for a family of Japanese aristocrats, and is a registered Japanese cultural asset. This onsen ryokan offers many Western amenities including large TVs, big beds, and couches in-room, making it a great option for people looking for ryokan vibes with Western comforts. All rooms here including the suite, twin, and comfort rooms come with open-air private onsen.

A restaurant on-site serves multi-course kaiseki meals using local and seasonal ingredients. In the evenings, the restaurant transforms into a chic bar area. The dining area is surrounded by the property’s tranquil Japanese garden, where guests can enjoy changing colors of the foliage. Public indoor and outdoor onsen are also available to guests on-site, which take water from the Kowakudani hot spring in Hakone.

The closest train station to this Hakone ryokan is Kowakidani train station. 

Check the latest rates for this Hakone ryokan here.

15. Gora Kadan

Standard Japanese Style Room C – $839 USD for two people, breakfast and dinner included.

Gora Kadan is a luxurious hidden gem of a ryokan in Hakone. Each room here incorporates both traditional Japanese tranquility and modern amenities for the perfect relaxing experience. Most rooms are equipped with a private onsen, made out of either stone, wood, or cypress wood, and with both indoor and outdoor onsen options. Guests are able to select exactly which room they’d like to reserve on Booking.com, meaning no surprises and knowing exactly which unique room you will be staying in. 

Multi-course kasieki meals are served here in-room or at the restaurant on-site. The chefs use seasonal and local ingredients, so guests can experience a culinary journey of Hakone. Other facilities here include communal onsen (both indoor and outdoor), a treatment spa, swimming pool, fitness room, lounge… even a salon and a rock bath. A kashikiri private onsen on-site is available for reservations by guests too, at no extra charge.

This Hakone ryokan is located near Gora Station on the Hakone Tozan train line.

Check the latest rates for this ryokan with a private onsen here.

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