10 Amazing Kyoto Machiya Stays

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Kyoto is is known for its many machiya, or traditional Japanese two-story townhouses. Historically machiya were used as private residences or artisan shop fronts, but now often operate as Kyoto guesthouses. Machiya are popular accommodation options in Kyoto for couples, families and big groups because they allow for a whole building to be rented out by one group.

Machiya are great Kyoto guesthouse options because they will also often come with a kitchenette, a small garden or internal courtyard, and a bathtub. Perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring Kyoto! Staying in a Kyoto machiya is also a great way to stay in traditional Japanese neighborhoods and surround yourself with Japanese culture and architecture. 

From the super traditional to renovated modern luxury, this list of Kyoto machiya stays will hopefully inspire you for your next trip to Kyoto! 

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This list of Kyoto machiya stays are ordered by price at the time of writing, from lowest to highest. Be sure to check the latest prices with the links provided, because prices may change depending on the season. 

Here’s my list of amazing Kyoto machiya stays for your next trip to Kyoto, Japan! 

1. Kyonoyado Gekkoan

Garden Suite – $240 USD per night for two people, $421 USD per night for two if breakfast and dinner are included. 

Kyonoyado Gekkoan is a top-rated (9.9 on Booking.com!), budget-friendly Kyoto machiya which offers meal options along with the stay. This restored townhouse accommodation is has been divided in half and rent out into two suites: the Garden Suite and the Luxury Suite (the Luxury Suite comes with a private onsen!) If you opt for the Luxury suite which is a bit more expensive than the Garden suite, the semi open-air onsen hot tub is made from Shigaraki regional pottery, as are the tiles at the base of it. 

Both suite options are fully-equipped with a kitchenette, small dining area, lounge, air conditioning, TV, laundry facilities, and coffee machine. They even have small Japanese gardens to admire as well.

This beautiful Kyoto machiya is located within walking distance from Nijo Castle and Nijo JR Station. 

Check out the latest prices here

2. Tabi Tabi Stay Moonlight

Two-Bedroom House – $267 per night for two people and $362 for four people. Up to five people can stay at this two-bedroom Kyoto machiya. No food options are included in the price, however with bakeries, convenience stores, fast food joints, and restaurants nearby, you’ll have no trouble finding your meals in the surrounding neighborhood. 

Tabitabi Stay is a budget-friendly Kyoto machiya located in the heart of the city, near Nijo JR Station and Nijo Castle. This traditionally designed two-bed, two-bath home comes with air conditioning, a small Japanese garden, a kitchenette, and beautiful tatami floors. The Japanese-style interior design features plenty of natural wooden panelling, shoji paper sliding doors, and flower arrangements. 

This Kyoto machiya also has a private onsen rotenburo, or hot water bath (not fed by hot springs), which has a semi open-air view to an interior Japanese rock garden.

Check out the latest prices for this quaint Kyoto machiya stay here

3. 京恋 黄金屋 (Kyokoi Ogonya)

Two bedroom house – $310 USD per night for two people, $398 with breakfast included.

Kyokoi (or Kyou-koi), which is a shortened translation of Kyoto Love, is a two-bedroom Kyoto machiya. It’s defining feature is a beautiful inner courtyard with a Japanese garden and koi pond. It has a spacious entrance room, a tatami living area, and a large stone onsen-style bath that overlooks the Japanese garden. With a little stream flowing from indoor to out, and the running theme of koi fish and Kyoto ornaments throughout the machiya, you’ll find it the perfect place to zen out during your trip to Kyoto. 

Kyokoi is located between Nijo Castle and Kyoto Gyoen National Gardens, making it a great base for your Kyoto explorations.

Find the latest prices and availability here

4. Yurakuan - Awagami Residence Inn

Three-bedroom house – $391 per night, with the same price for up to nine guests.

Yurakuan is a Kyoto machiya that becomes a better and better deal the more people you come with. The set rate of $391 USD per night applies whether you stay with one guest or up to nine guests at this three-bedroom Kyoto machiya. The three bedrooms makes this Kyoto machiya one of the larger machoya options, which are traditionally two bedrooms. 

Yurakuan is located in a spacious, 100+ year old traditional machiya folk house. Facilities include a kitchenette, a hinoki wooden onsen-style bathtub, and small Japanese garden in the courtyard. The machiya’s interior design uses beautiful artisan indigo-dyed washi paper for the shoji sliding doors and rice-straw fibers for the wallpaper from a local paper manufacturer. 

This Kyoto machiya is located in the historic Shimabara neighborhood and is easily accessible from nearby Kyoto Station.  

Check out the latest prices and availability here

5. Tawara-an

Japanese-style townhouse West – $455 USD per night for two people. This Kyoto machiya can accommodate up to 10 people for $724 USD per night for the whole gang. Breakfast can also be added to the stay for an additional fee. 

Tawara-an is the perfect Kyoto machiya for a traditional Japanese stay. The interior of this machiya mirrors the traditional neighborhood it’s located in, with its exposed wooden beams and sliding shoji paper doors. A two-story breezeway, large windows, and a courtyard with Japanese garden help to make the spacious machiya feel even more spacious. 

This Kyoto machiya is centrally located a short walk from the Kamo River and the top of Pontocho Alley. 

Check out the latest prices and availability here

6. Gion Kawasemi

Two-bedroom house – $457 USD per night for two people, $605 per night for up to five people. 

Gion Kawasemi is a 2-bedroom Kyoto machiya with a large kitchen and separate lounge area that overlooks a Japanese rock garden. This machiya is fully equipped with a large wooden onsen-style bathtub and double sinks, as well as a washing machine and free toiletries. A defining feature here is a bright blue L-shaped couch, perfect for lounging – that’s not something you see every day in Kyoto! If you’re looking for a traditional Japanese townhouse with modern amenities, this is a great place for you. 

Gion Kawasemi is located near the scenic Shirakawa Lane, and is walking distance to the Kamo River and Yasaka Shrine. 

Check out the latest price and availability here

7. Kyoto Machiya Fukune

Japanese Double-Storey House with Private Open-Air Bath and Garden – $517 USD per night for two people, $705 USD for two people with breakfast and dinner included. Up to five people can stay at this two-bedroom Kyoto machiya with private onsen. 

Kyoto Machiya Fukune offers a number of different two-bedroom machiya guesthouse rentals that can be booked through Booking.com. Each one features amenities such as a private tsubo or onsen-style semi open-air bath, Japanese garden, and comfortable seating and lounge areas. The property comes with free toiletries and yukata rentals, as well as green tea upon arrival. For longer stays, this Kyoto machiya has a washing machine as well! 

Kyoto Machiya Fukune machiyas are located north of Karasume train station, and walking distance from the Nishiki market and Kawaramachi shopping district. 

Check out the latest prices and availability here

8. Kishoan

Villa with Garden View – $516 USD per night for two people. This two-bedroom Kyoto machiya has a two-night minimum stay, but that’s no problem if you consider by three-day Kyoto itinerary, plus day trips to places like Nara, Uji, and Himeji! This machiya accommodates up to six people, making it an awesome Kyoto guesthouse for large groups.

Kishoan is an impressive, renovated Kyoto machiya, complete with a private onsen, stainless steel kitchen, dining area, and traditional Japanese-style tatami seating areas. There is a small patio with an outdoor tsubo, or ceramic onsen at Kishoan that overlooks a sculpted Japanese garden. Both Western-style beds and a large tatami room for futons are available.

This Kyoto machiya is centrally located in Kyoto near the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden and walking distance from the Kamo River.

Find the latest availability, photos, and prices here

9. Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi

Machiya Suite Open-Air Bath – $658 USD per night for two people, $690 with breakfast included. $745-$876 USD per night for four people, with and without breakfast included respectively. This private, three-bedroom Kyoto machiya accommodates up to five people.

The interior of this tea-themed Kyoto machiya has been renovated with interesting architectural elements, including a rock garden in the bedroom and a glass floor tea ceremony space. It boasts an outdoor private onsen tub that overlooks a modern Japanese garden. It offers traditional Japanese elements like tatami floors, rock gardens, futon beds, and flower arrangements, but in a modern way like through glass walls and floors. 

Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi is located in a historic three-bedroom Kyoto townhome, near Kyoto landmarks like the Kyoto National Museum and the Chisaku-in temple. 

Check availability and the latest prices here for this Kyoto machiya. 

10. hotori

Two-bedrom villa – $717 USD per night for two people, $896 for four people, breakfast and regional treats included. 

hotori is a 100+ year old Kyoto machiya that has been renovated for modern luxury but still retains architectural elements from its long history. One of many highlights of this machiya is the beautiful internal courtyard, which allows guests to spend time outdoors without leaving the comfort of the machiya. There is also a reading room full of books and magazines about Kyoto, and board games if staying with kids. 

hotori has two bedrooms and is fully-equipped with a kitchen, fridge, and even a dishwasher, as well as a lounge, dining area, and massive bathtub. 

hotori is located in an amazing part of Kyoto, right by the Kamo river but also walking distance to Gion, Sannenzaka, and Kiyomizudera temple so you can easily be one of the early birds to visit these popular tourist destinations in Kyoto.

Check the latest prices and availability here

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