Eco-Friendly Travel

As climate and environmental issues become more prominent around the world, sustainable and eco-friendly travel is becoming more and more important. The phrase “leave only footprints, take only photographs” is at the top of many conscious travelers’ minds when exploring around the world. 

Here, I share some of my experiences of sustainable or even regenerative travel (leaving a place better than how you found it). Aspects like volunteering, environmental protection, cultural activities, waste reduction, and wildlife protection, are all aspects I’ll strive to include in all of my future travels in addition to my day-to-day lifestyle. 

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Scooter Rental in Tahiti

French Polynesia’s Tahiti and Moorea islands have a scooter rental service that is convenient, eco-friendly, unique, and cost-effective. Hello Scoot provides leading scooter rentals in Tahiti that provides bright yellow, solar-powered

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Sustainable Travel Starts At Home!