10 Ryokan and Hotels in Tokyo with Private Onsen

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Finding a private onsen in Japan is a bucket-list item for many travelers here. Japan’s many famous onsen towns such as Nikko, Hakone, and Beppu are great places to start when booking ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) or hotels with private onsen. But with most trips starting and ending in Tokyo, why not find a private onsen in Tokyo?

Unfortunately, private onsen in Tokyo are not as common as other places in Japan, because onsen in general are not common in big cities. Which makes private onsen even harder to find!

After some extensive research on both Japanese and English sites, here’s my comprehensive list of private onsen in Tokyo. These include ryokan with private onsen in Tokyo, as well as hotels. They also include kashikiri, or rentable, private onsen in Tokyo.

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Ryokan with Private Onsen in Tokyo

1. Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa

Japanese-Style King Bedroom with partially open-air bath – $381 USD per night for two people, breakfast included.

This ryokan in Tokyo with private onsen is the closest you may get to a traditional Japanese onsen ryokan experience in Tokyo. Three rooms here, the Japanese-style King bedroom, as well as a Corner Twin room and a Suite have private onsen attached to the room. Each room also has a separate bathroom, traditional Japanese tatami flooring, and raised Western-style beds for sleeping.

The ryokan is located in Asakusa, a traditional neighborhood in Tokyo and walking distance from the famous Sensoji temple. Some rooms also have a terrace with views of Skytree.

Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa was the only traditional ryokan in Tokyo with private, in-room onsen that I could find! If you love this type of accommodation, be sure to check out my list of private onsen for Kusatsu, Nagano, and Mt. Fuji area as well.

Hotels In Tokyo with Private Onsen

The following are not ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) but hotels in Tokyo with private en suite onsen. Don’t worry, you’ll still experience the same wonderful omotenashi hospitality that Japanese hotels are known for! 

2. Stay Sakura Tokyo Asakusa Yokozuna Hotel

Deluxe Suite with Spa Bath – $577 USD for up to six people per night, no meals included.

Stay Sakura Tokyo Asakusa Yokozuna Hotel is a bright, sumo-themed hotel in Tokyo’s traditional Asakusa neighborhood (Yokozuna is the term for the grand champion sumo wrestler).

This highly-rated hotel offers a deluxe suite room which has a private entrance, multiple bedrooms and a spacious living area – a luxury for Tokyo hotels. The highlight of the room is the private ceramic onsen on the terrace! With facilities like a refrigerator and kitchenette, this is a great alternative to an Airbnb in central Tokyo.

Check the latest prices for this Tokyo hotel with private onsen here

3. Centurion Hotel Ueno

King Suite room and Japanese Style Family Room with Open-Air Bath – $360 for two people, $420 for four people, no meals included. 

The super spacious Japanese Style room with Open-Air Bath can fit up to seven people (on sofa beds or bunk beds) for only $460 per night for everyone combined!

The Centurion Hotel Ueno is a great option for travelers to Tokyo looking for a private onsen experience to share with a group. The large rooms here can accommodate up to seven people for little additional cost. Private onsen included! The private onsens attached to each room are located on a stylish outdoor terrace.

Check the latest availability here

4. Dormy Inn Premium Ginza

Triple room with Terrace – $431 USD for up to three people, breakfast included.

Dormy Inn is a common hotel chain across Tokyo, often budget-friendly and located near train stations. But leave it to the Ginza location to be a little bit fancier than the rest! Dormy Inn Premium Ginza was only recently opened in 2023 and offers select rooms with attached private onsen on the terrace. The hotel also has public onsen available on-site for their guests to use.

This Dormy Inn Premium is located walking distance from Ginza’s large shopping district and department stores, as well as the Tsukiji fish market. 

Check the latest prices here

5. Stay Sakura Tokyo Shinjuku Hyakukura

Queen Suite with Spa Bath – $443 USD for two people, $620 for four people, no meals included.

This Stay Sakura Tokyo hotel is located in Shin-Okubo near Shinjuku, a perfect location to base yourself when exploring the west side of Tokyo. It’s highly rated for its larger-than-average room sizes and the ability to request adjoining rooms, making for a more spacious stay and a perfect location for large groups.

The Queen Suites here are located on the ground floor and open up to an outdoor space with a private onsen! One of the suites fits up to three people, and the second up to four people with a sofa bed option. 

Check the latest prices and availability here.  

6. Centurion Hotel & Spa Ueno Station

Open-Air bath comfort twin room – $477 USD for two people, $513 USD for three people per night, no meals included.

A more spacious open-air bath executive twin room is also available, starting at $527 for two people. This room can fit up to five people with its twin beds, bunk bed and sofa bed, making it a perfect private onsen in Tokyo experience for big families or larger groups. Both rooms have an outdoor terrace with a private onsen in a ceramic tub.

This hotel has public onsen facilities available to guests as well as a spa and sauna. A restaurant is available on-site which serves Japanese yakiniku, or grilled meats.

This Centurion hotel is located just south of Ueno station. The hotel has a similar name as its sister property, Centurion Hotel Ueno, so be sure to double-check which one you’ve booked! (Although they are located very close to one another).

Check the latest availability here

Looking for other things to do in Tokyo?

7. Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan

Deluxe Japanese-style room with open-air bath – $208 USD for two people, $254 USD for four people per night, no meals included.

This Japanese-style room has a large tatami area, where 2-4 guests can sleep on futon bedding. The room has an attached outdoor terrace with a shower and a private onsen in a cypress wood bathtub. Public onsen facilities are also available on site which are divided by gender.

This highly-rated accommodation is located walking distance from Akihabara (electric town) and the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Check the latest availability and prices here

Reservable Private Onsen in Tokyo

When looking for private onsen in Tokyo, you can consider staying at accommodation which offers reservable private onsen. These kashikiri onsen are chartered for 30-60 minutes at a time, sometimes for free or sometimes for a small fee. 

8. Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa

Cyasitsu Ryokan Asakusa is a top-rated traditional ryokan stay experience in the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa, Tokyo. Rooms start at $165 USD for single rooms and $250 USD for twin rooms, breakfast included. The traditional Japanese-style rooms here all have tatami flooring and futon bedding for the most authentic ryokan experience.

This Tokyo ryokan has a private onsen available for guests to use on the rooftop of the property. The open-air private onsen has views of nearby Skytree and is the perfect place to relax after a busy day exploring Tokyo.

Check the latest prices for this Tokyo ryokan with private onsen here

9. The Edo Sakura (Ueno)

The Edo Sakura is another top-rated, traditional Japanese accommodation located in a historic Tokyo machiya building.

Rooms here start at $130 USD per night for Japanese-style twin rooms. Rooms with both Japanese-style futon beds and Western-style raised beds are available. Breakfast is also available for guests on-site for an additional fee.

The private onsen here is available on a rental-basis, and costs an additional 1000 yen per reservation (paying a fee for this is common in onsen towns and covers additional cleaning costs).

Depending on the timing of your stay here, minimum 2-4 night stay requirements may apply. That being said, the Edo Sakura hotel is located in the Ueno neighborhood near the Yamanote line, perfect for exploring Tokyo and for visitors wanting to experience art and culture during their Tokyo itinerary

10. Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa

Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa is another beautiful Asakusa ryokan in Tokyo with a private onsen that can be rented by guests. 

Standard Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats and futon bedding are available here from a budget-friendly $80 USD per night for one person, $200 USD for two, and up to $360 USD per night for four people in the Deluxe Japanese-style room.

A private onsen is available here for reservation for 30 minutes at a time – and it’s free for guests to use! The ryokan also has a small public bath available for guests. 

This ryokan is located steps away from Asakusa’s famous Nakamise shopping street and Sensoji Temple, making it one of the best locations to stay in Tokyo’s traditional Asakusa neighborhood.

Check the latest prices and availability here

That concludes my list of where you can find private onsen in Tokyo! Unfortunately compared to places like Hakone and even Kyoto, Tokyo has much fewer options in terms of private onsen.

Check out some of my favorite onsen towns and their private onsen accommodation options below.

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