25 Cool and Unique Hotels in Tokyo

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As the eclectic, colorful capital of Japan, Tokyo is filled with super unique hotels. This list of coolest hotels in Tokyo is sure to entertain, and hopefully inspire, a future stay in the city. 

My list of coolest hotels in Tokyo ranges from capsule hotels to luxurious art hotels, cool hotels with robot and dinosaur receptionists, and even house boats! Staying at any of these unique hotels in Tokyo will surely make your next trip to Tokyo an unforgettable one. 

Be sure to combine your cool Tokyo hotel stay with some weird and crazy Tokyo activities

COOLEST hotels in Tokyo, Unique hotels in Tokyo, Cool hotels in Tokyo, Cheap hotels in Tokyo, best Tokyo hotels near the Yamanote Line, Budget tokyo hotels, Tokyo hotels with Onsen, Tokyo hotels for families, hotels near the Yamanote line, hotels near the yamanote line tokyo, hotels near JR yamanote line, tokyo hotels near yamanote line, hotels near JR yamanote line tokyo

Coolest Hotels In Tokyo

1. Henn-na Hotel

Henn-na Hotel literally translates to “Weird Hotel” in Japanese, so you know you’re in for a treat when staying here! Henn-na Hotels are famous for having robot receptionists “working” the front desks. Depending on the Henn-na hotel in Tokyo you stay in, there could be robot receptionists or dinosaur receptionists. It doesn’t get any cooler than that! 

Since the hotel’s initial success with the dinosaur and robot staff, Henn-na hotels have expanded into holograms at reception, like samurai, ninja, of course dinosaurs, and even anime models. 

Book Henn-na hotel locations in GinzaAsakusaHamamatsucho, and even Haneda here. 

2. BnA Art Hotel

BnA, which stands for Bed and Art, is one of the coolest hotels in Tokyo where guests can stay in one-of-a-kind rooms which are each individual works of art. 

The social and art hotel project aims to support contemporary Japanese artists who are trying to make a living with their art. Each hotel room is designed by independent artists and showcases talents like mural paintings, interior design, architecture, and sculpture. While some rooms are beautiful and serene, others are a little… weird with chain link fencing and neon lights. 

Book BnA Art Hotel in Akihabara and Nihombashi (near Tokyo Station) here. 

3. nine hours capsule hotel

nine hours is a capsule hotel chain with a number of locations around Tokyo and Japan. Their sleek design, low cost, and ease of staying make them a popular capsule hotel experience for locals and travelers. 

The coolest nine hours in Tokyo was the one at Otemachi – although permanently closed now the multi-story capsule hotel had glass walls, perfect for feeling like you’re part of some intergalactic colony when walking between floors on their multi-level staircase. 

Don’t worry, there are a lot more nine hours capsule hotels in Tokyo! Check out Akasaka nine hours Sleep Lab (sleep report included with your stay) Hamamatsucho (near Tokyo Tower), Suidobashi (near Tokyo Dome), and various locations in Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya as well. Female-only nine hours locations in Tokyo include Shinjuku and Kanda

Guests all receive a set of the same rental pajamas too, as well as other free toiletries, to add to the unique vibe. Floors and facilities are broken up by male and female, which is common with capsule hotels in Japan. 

4. Hotel Tavinos

Hotel Tavinos is a manga and art hotel in Tokyo that incorporates manga art from graphic novels onto basically every visible surface at the hotel. Each room has its own unique manga images, and the common areas, hallways…even the floors are decorated too! 

Each Tavinos hotel location has a different theme, such as Tavinos Asakusa in Tokyo having a festival and street food theme, and Tavinos Hamamatsucho having a shopping theme. 

For couples wanted to experience capsule hotels but not be separated by gender, Hotel Tavinos has some cool and unique manga art capsules which couples can share. 

For manga and anime fans, keep this super cool hotel in Tokyo on your radar! 

5. The Tokyo Station Hotel

Stay in the heart of the city (and in an ultra-convenient transport location) at THE Tokyo Station Hotel. Not many visitors know that a luxurious hotel exists in the upper floors of the iconic brick Tokyo Station building.

Staying in 5-star luxury in one of Tokyo’s most recognizable (not to mention well-connected) landmarks. The interior here is traditional Western design, but you’ll enjoy top-notch Japanese hospitality here. To stay in a peaceful, fancy hotel in one of the world’s busiest train stations makes this definitely one of Tokyo’s coolest hotels. To be steps away from Tokyo’s main shinkansen (bullet train) station means you’ve got all of Japan at your doorstep here too! 

Find the latest prices and availability here

6. Park Hyatt Shinjuku

The Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku is one of the coolest hotels in Tokyo because of its role in cinematic history. The Park Hyatt hotel was the backdrop of the movie “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen! This high-end hotel in Tokyo is sure to please guests who want modern amenities and who trust the luxury Hyatt brand. 

Not only is this a great hotel in Tokyo for movie buffs, it also has a great restaurant and bar (New York Bar and Grill, also shown in “Lost in Translation”) and on-site cafe as well. Not to mention it is located in Shinjuku, walking distance from Shinjuku station, which will connect you to the rest of Tokyo. 

Find rooms, rates, and availability here

7. Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa

Cyasitsu Ryokan Asakusa is a top-rated Japanese ryokan stay in the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa, Tokyo. This ryokan is special because it has a private onsen available for guests to use on the rooftop of the property! The open-air private onsen has views of nearby Skytree and is the perfect place to relax after a busy day exploring Tokyo.

The traditional Japanese-style rooms here all have tatami flooring and futon bedding for the most authentic ryokan experience. For a cool, traditional hotel in Tokyo, be sure to put this ryokan on your list.

Check the latest prices for this Tokyo ryokan with private onsen here.

Interested in more private onsen options? Check out my list of Kyoto ryokan with private onsen, and Mt. Fuji hotels with private onsen too.

8. Manga Art Hotel

Manga Art Hotel is a cool Tokyo hotel that will excite manga and anime fans coming to Japan. The dormitory-style hotel provides guests with an overnight manga experience! Delve into these irresistible graphic novels all night during your unique stay here.

The concept of Manga Art Hotel is similar to Book and Bed hostel (see below), but focused solely on Japanese manga. The bunks here are tucked into shelves that are covered with over 5000 manga books. Both English and Japanese manga novels are available, and a little blurb about many popular manga options can be found on the shelves too. 

The Manga Art hotel is about a 20-minute walk away from Akihabara, the manga, anime, electronics, and nerd capital of Tokyo. If this is what you want to experience in Japan, be sure to remember this cool hotel in Japan for your next trip! 

Book a bunk and one-way ticket to manga paradise online here.  

9. Hotel Gajoen

Hotel Gajoen is one of the most famous luxury hotels in Tokyo, and for good reason. This hotel is many things at once, including a hotel, an event and wedding space, a restaurant, a Japanese garden, a museum… and it’s even a part of Japanese history. Hotel Gajoen is home to the Hyakudan Kaidan, or the hundred-step staircase, which is deemed a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. The hotel is also houses thousands of Japanese artworks and showcases a red arched bridge, reminiscent of the bridge from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away movie. 

Its large hotel suites are decorated like Japanese tea rooms, and a large Japanese garden including waterfall and koi pond are available on-site, so guests can enjoy a tranquil stay in the middle of the bustling city.

Check out the latest prices and availability here

Find Hotel Gajoen on my list of Ghibli things to do in Tokyo

10. MUJI Hotel Ginza

MUJI Hotel is a one-of-a-kind Tokyo experience. Stay in the hotel in the world operated by the famous Japanese homegoods and lifestyle company, Muji! 

MUJI Hotel is located in Ginza (near the biggest Muji store in Tokyo) and has a number of compact but super functional rooms for guests to enjoy. Their sleek interiors, comfortable furnishings, and perfect location make this a super cool hotel in Tokyo. You might even get inspired to purchase some of the Muji furniture in the room!

Check out the latest rates and availability here

11. Park Hotel's Art Floor

Park Hotel is a cool hotel in Tokyo for art and culture enthusiasts. The unique four-star hotel provides a similar experience as some of the other art hotels mentioned above, with immersive, one-of-a-kind art rooms.

The hotel supports up-and-coming artists from around Japan in the rooms on “the Artist’s floor“. Each artist drew inspiration from their stay at Park Hotel Tokyo (which has views of Tokyo Tower by the way) in order to create interior art masterpieces.

Guests can choose from Artist Single, Queen, or King rooms when making a reservation. The final room will be decided upon at check-in, but will always feature various paintings and objects made by the local artists. 

Each art piece/room comes with an Artist’s Story so visitors can learn more about the art’s relevance to Japanese culture and the artist’s creative process. Several hundred pieces of art are on display around the hotel as well, some of which can be purchased.

12. Book and Bed Hostel

Book and Bed is a unique capsule hotel or hostel concept that deserves a spot on the list of cool hotels in Tokyo. Each bed at Book and Bed is built into a massive bookshelf, and surrounded by walls of books. This weird hotel in Japan is a must-visit for Instagrammers and book-lovers, who will enjoy the welcoming interior of both Tokyo‘s Shinjuku location.

Resting while being surrounded by books at Book and Bed Shinjuku is the perfect way to wind down after a exploring other weird and unique sights around Tokyo.

13. Sequence Miyashita Park

Sequence Miyashita Parkis a newly-opened Shibuya hotel that is a perfect spot for young travelers and couples to stay in Tokyo. Miyashita Park is a shopping and dining complex located in the heart of Shibuya, located near Shibuya yokocho and many other dining, drinking, and shopping hotspots in Shibuya. This cool hotel in Tokyo puts you walking distance from Shibuya Scramble, as well as neighboring Harajuku. 

Their check-out time of 2pm makes it a unique hotel in Tokyo that caters to the late-night crowd. Sleep in here at Sequence Miyashita Park after a night of clubbing in Shibuya!

Find latest rates and availability here

14. The Millennials Shibuya

Millennials Shibuya is one of the most sought-after, coolest hostels in Tokyo. It’s the perfect spot for solo travelers to stay, especially if they are looking to make friends to explore Tokyo with. Fun events include trivia night, bar crawls, and themed parties throughout the year. 

With neon lighting and comfortable furniture, you’ll feel like Millennials is the Tokyo version of your home-away-from-home in no time. The hotels also offers a number of co-working spaces, tables, and desks in the lounge area, making it perfect for digital nomads. Did I mention they have free beer?

Find latest rates and availability here

15. Petals Tokyo Houseboats

Let’s throw in some floating houseboats to this list of cool hotels in Japan!

Petals Tokyo is made up of four unique houseboats that are parked on the Tennozu Canal in southern Tokyo. What used to be an industrial and warehouse district near Shinagawa station on the Yamanote line is now an up-and-coming hipster neighborhood with many trendy bars and cafes. 

Although the exterior of the four houseboats look artsy and rustic, the interior is fully updated luxury. Be sure to reserve the specific houseboat you’re interested in, because the facilities differ for each one. Some offer an outdoor terrace on top of the boat, others glass-walled showers and island beds. 

Book your favorite houseboat for a cool Tokyo hotel experience here

16. Toggle Hotel Suidobashi Tokyo

The Toggle Hotel Suidobashi is another super cool Tokyo hotel that’s colorful inside and out! Their rooms are not only designed to be functional and comfortable, they’re also covered from floor to ceiling in color.

If you or a travel companion are after some cool Instagram shots, or just very fond of certain colors, be sure to add Toggle Hotel to your cool Tokyo hotel list. When making a reservation you’re able to choose exactly which color pair you’re interested in immersing yourself in. Choose your favorite pretty pastels and rooms in pink, blue, and greens when you book! 

Be sure to book the correct Toggle hotel – only the Suidobashi location is colorful and unique. 

17. Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya

Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya is one of the newest hotels in Tokyo making a name for itself with its artistic interiors and hip spaces. Opened in August 2023, this cool hotel in Tokyo mixes modern Japanese design with perks like a gorgeous rooftop – which are rare in Tokyo. Other amenities here include an on-site restaurant and bar, fitness center, and coffee shop/cafe. All available in room service too.

The floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms here will give guests amazing views over Shibuya as well. On clear days, some rooms even have views of Mt. Fuji! 

Check out the latest rates and availability here.

18. TRUNK Hotel Yoyogi Park

Trunk Hotel is a well-known boutique hotel group in Tokyo for their trendy settings and high-quality service. Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park opened in Septemeber 2023 and is one of two other Trunk Hotels in Tokyo. 

One of the main highlights of this location is the rooftop infinity pool on the 6th floor of the building – but there’s more. The rooms here come with their own balcony, and the minimalist interior highlights natural wood furniture and fittings, making it a perfect escape in the middle of the city. There’s also a pizzeria on-site (better to reserve in advance) and lounge available on-site.

Trunk Hotel also offers an incredible private suite room, which has its own private outdoor spaces and views over the pool and neighboring Yoyogi Park. Trunk hotel is the perfect hotel in Tokyo for honeymoons and special celebrations in Japan. 

Check out the latest rates and availability (including the suite room!) here

19. One@Tokyo

One@Tokyo is a chic, budget-friendly Tokyo hotel located near the Skytree area of East Tokyo. From the street, it’s hard to miss with its facade of wooden beams decorating the front side of the building. The inside is less erratic, and consists of calming and spacious seating areas and high ceilings. The rooms and hallways consist of a lot of exposed wood and wooden furniture, paired with large windows, the setting makes guests feel like they are in a calm oasis. 

One of the highlights of this cool hotel in Tokyo is its outdoor space. In addition to a terrace overlooking the Tokyo skyline, there is also a rooftop walkway where visitors can spot icons like the Tokyo Skytree! 

Check the latest rate and availability here

20. Grand Prince Hotel Tanakawa

Grand Prince Hotel’s Tanakawa (or shin-Tanakawa) location is one of many incredible Tokyo Grand Prince Hotel locations. What makes this 5-star hotel even more special is its massive Japanese garden, which includes cherry blossom trees, maple trees, and wooden bridges and archways. There’s something to enjoy during every season! 

It’s located slightly south of Tokyo city center means the building and its rooms are more spacious than its inner-city counterparts. Facilities here include a pool, onsen spa, fitness room, restaurant, lounge, and breakfast buffet area. Cultural activities can also be enjoyed by guests here including tea ceremonies and hana-mi, or cherry blossom viewing when in season. 

This Grand Prince Hotel location puts you close to Tokyo’s Shinagawa station, which is the second shinkansen station in Tokyo. 

Check latest rates and availability here.

21. Stay Sakura Tokyo Asakusa Yokozuna Hotel

Stay Sakura Tokyo Asakusa Yokozuna Hotel is a bright, sumo-themed hotel in Tokyo’s traditional Asakusa neighborhood (Yokozuna is the term for the grand champion sumo wrestler). It’s one of very few Tokyo hotels with a private, in-room onsen available to guests! 

This highly-rated hotel offers a deluxe suite room which has a private entrance, multiple bedrooms and a spacious living area – a luxury for Tokyo hotels. The highlight of the room is the private ceramic onsen on the terrace. With facilities like a refrigerator and kitchenette, this is a great alternative to an Airbnb in central Tokyo.

Find the latest rates and availability here

If you’re interested in renting a private onsen in Tokyo, check out my full list of hotels in Tokyo with private onsen.

Coolest Hotel Rooms in Tokyo

The following section collects a number of cool and unique hotel rooms across Tokyo, which can be found in hotels that are perfectly normal otherwise. 

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, Godzilla, Hello Kitty, or anything Disney, experience a once-in-a-lifetime stay at one of these coolest hotel rooms in Tokyo! 

22. Hello Kitty and Sanrio character rooms at the Keio Hotel

Visitors to the Keio Plaza Hotel can immerse themselves in the world of Sanrio’s beloved character Hello Kitty at this cool hotel room in Tokyo. 

The Hello Kitty room’s floors, walls, cupboards, and bedsheets are covered in Hello Kitty designs. She even jumps out of the wall in a 3D art piece! This room at the Keio Plaza Hotel is a great place to stay near Sanrio Puroland theme park, which also celebrates Hello Kitty and her Sanrio world friends. 

The Keio Hotel has other Sanrio character-themed rooms including the My Melody room and the Little Twin Stars room. All are popular places to stay for Instagrammers from Japan and abroad! If you love Sanrio, be sure to check out my list of cute and kawaii things to do in Tokyo <3

Check room availability and the latest rates here

23. Godzilla View Room at Hotel Gracery

The king of monsters, Godzilla, is an iconic figure in Japanese pop culture. Although he hails from the sea, he can be spotted atop the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku, Tokyo too. 

To commemorate the beast, Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku has created a Godzilla room which is definitely one of the coolest hotel rooms in Tokyo. 

You can book a room at Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku on Booking.com, but the Godzilla rooms must be booked through their official websiteGuests at Shinjuku’s Hotel Gracery can also access the rooftop to get up even closer to the Godzilla statue.

If you love Godzilla, be sure to check out the Tokyo Godzilla store in Shinjuku as well. 

24. Pokemon Room at the Mimaru Hotel

For a unique Pokemon-filled experience in Tokyo, be sure to stay in the Pokemon room at Tokyo’s Mimaru Hotel in Ueno. Covered in Pokeball art and complete with a giant stuffed Snorlax plushie, Tokyo’s super cool Pokemon-themed hotel room will delight fans of all ages. 

The Mimaru hotel chain is known for being family-friendly, with rentable baby cribs and toys, as well as cooking electronics like takoyaki-makers and hot pots. The Ueno Mimaru hotel is also featured on my list of amazing Tokyo hotels near the Yamanote line.

Pokemon fans, be sure to check out my list of Pokemon things to do in Tokyo too 🙂 

25. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Rooms

Both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea hotels have special character and movie-themed rooms which can be reserved by visitors to the resorts. Talk about a cool Tokyo hotel experience! 

Check out the Tokyo Disney character rooms on their official website.

Hotel options with character rooms include the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (Alice in Wonderland room, Tinker Bell room, Cinderella room), the Disney Ambassador Hotel (Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse rooms), and Toy Story rooms at the Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel… just to name a few! 

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