21 Best Tokyo Hotels Near The Yamanote Line

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The quick answer to the question, “where is the best place to stay in Tokyo?” is, “next to the Yamanote JR Train line“. The “best place” or “best neighborhood” in Tokyo will differ based on what activities you want to be near. Love shopping? Try Ginza. Nightlife? Shibuya. Anime? Akihabara. Museums? Definitely Ueno.

Most likely, you’ll want to experience a little bit of all of these things while you’re in Tokyo, so here’s an important insider tip: All of these neighborhoods are located on te JR Yamonote train line in Tokyo. That’s why the answer to the question, “Where is the best place to stay in Tokyo?” is, “Near the Yamanote line!”

To make the most of your Tokyo Itinerary, stay in one of these best Tokyo hotels near the Yamanote Line. Staying next to the JR Yamanote Line makes it cheap and easy for you to see all of Tokyo’s highlights during your trip.

Best Tokyo Hotels near the JR Yamanote Line:

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Best Tokyo Hotels Near the Yamanote Line

Here is my list which encompasses the best of the best, and places that I would book to stay in right now if I had a Japan trip coming up.

Remember that good Tokyo hotel rooms book fast, no matter what the season. Definitely lock in your Tokyo accommodation before it’s too late.

Just for fun, you could also consider staying somewhere on my list of weirdest hotels in Japan too! Many of them are in Tokyo, located near the Yamanote line as well.  

Best Tokyo Hostels near the Yamanote Line

Are you backpacking Japan on a budget, or solo traveling and looking to explore Tokyo with new friends? Staying in a social hostel is a great way to meet other travel companions, whether you want to sightseeing together during the day, or go out for drinks together at night! Staying in a Tokyo hostel near the Yamanote line means right outside your door are countless activities to do with your new friends.

Imano Tokyo Hostel – Shinjuku

This boutique hostel is located near the E2 exit of Shinjuku station, which means you’re in the heart of the Tokyo neighborhood that never sleeps. From Imano Tokyo Hostel, it’s a 3- minute walk to Shinjuku’s Hanazono Shrine, and Shinjuku Gai (also known as Piss Alley), and 10-minutes from Shinjuku Gyoen park

Imano Tokyo Hostel has happy hours every day, a cafe on-site, and occasionally hosts cultural parties so guests can learn about Japanese culture and cuisine. It has a specious common area with an attached bar too, making it definitely one of the best Tokyo hostels on the Yamanote line. Check dates and prices here

Sadou Hostel is 8 minutes from Ameyayokocho Market and 10 minutes to Ueno Park, a Tokyo neighborhood filled with museums and shrines. Ueno Station is on the Yamanote Line as well as the Ginza line, which will take you straight to one of the top Tokyo attractions: Asakusa and the Sensoji Temple. 

The hostel combines traditional Japanese elements like tatami flooring in the rooms, with Western spaces and amenities. Several cultural events are held here such as learning calligraphy and pottery classes. A free walking tour of Ueno is available as well. 

Book this awesome hostel on the JR Yamanote Line in Tokyo here

This trendy capsule hostel is one of the best Tokyo hostels on the Yamanote line. It is located just a 2-minute walk from Shibuya Scramble, aka the perfect location for millennial or backpacker visitors in Tokyo. The Millennials Shibuya building itself is super contemporary, with spacious common areas and a free simple breakfast in the mornings.

Although it has an above-average price tag for a hostel bed, you will stay in a personal “smart pod”. Many functions of the pod can be controlled via iPod given at the front desk, such as reclining your bed in to “sofa mode”! Check dates and prices here. 

Best Tokyo Capsule Hotels near the Yamanote Line

Here’s a cool hotel in Tokyo idea that Japan is famous for: capsule hotels. If you’re only staying in Tokyo for a short time, or want to spend a night in a capsule hotel for the experience of it, here are your best Tokyo Capsule Hotels near the JR Yamanote Line! 

Originally many Tokyo capsule hotels were male-only, because they cater to the traveling Japanese businessmen. Recently, more women-only and mixed-gender capsule hotels have sprung up around Tokyo, and they are popular places to stay for visitors to Japan too. Check out my full list of best capsule hotels in Tokyo

nine hours Shinjuku North (Mixed Gender) – Shin-Okubo

nine hours Shinjuku is a capsule hotel that overlooks in Shin-Okubo, or Tokyo’s Koreatown. Shin-Okubo itself is a popular neighborhood to explore, and has its own JR Yamanote Line station. It’s also located just 10 minutes north of Shinjuku on foot.

If you want to stay in capsule hotels in Tokyo, nine hours is the name you should remember because the chain has locations all across Japan. Stepping in to your capsule bed here is like entering a portal, with its modern circular opening.  Large bathroom facilities and common areas mean you won’t feel too cramped during your stay here. Check dates and prices here

Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku (Mixed Gender) – Shinjuku

Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku gives you a modern take on capsule hotels: you’ll be sleeping inside a bookcase! This combined library, lounge, and capsule hotel on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo is perfect for bookworms. Hang out and read books on the spacious common area couches before retiring to your capsule bed, tucked away behind the bookshelves.

Check availability and prices here. Book and Bed is also on my list of weirdest hotels in JapanIf you love your stay here, note there’s also a Book and Bed in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi neighborhood too! 

If staying in a bookcase excites you, be sure to check out Jinbocho neighborhood, the bookstore district of Tokyo. One of the off-the-beaten-path places to visit in Tokyo.

Akihabara Bay Hotel (Female Only) – Akihabara

Akihabara Bay Hotel is a female-only Japanese capsule hotel, located minutes from Akihabara on the Yamanote JR line in Tokyo. Akihabara is the electronics, anime, and manga neighborhood of Tokyo. In addition to being on the Yamanote Line, Akihabara Station its only a few stops to the Ryogoku Kokugikan if you plan to watch sumo in Tokyo, or visit the Edo Tokyo museum too. 

The Akihabara Bay Hotel is a delightful place to stay for women, though coincidentally it’s in the heart of a neighborhood known for otaku, or nerdy computer- and anime-loving men. The interior decoration is tastefully feminine, often pastel pink, and many amenities are provided to guests including fresh towels and pajamas every day. You can even book a capsule with a TV in it! Check the latest prices here

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Shinjuku (Male Only) – Shinjuku

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado is a traditional Japanese capsule hotel with several amenities that are sure to excite all types of guests. Note this is a male-only establishment. Anshin Oyado has an all-you-can-eat breakfast of rice and miso soup. It also offers free drinks all day and free comic book rentals, which you can enjoy in their large common space. The hotel’s capsules all come with a TV, headphones, and a remote for optimal chilling.

Western guests may not be familiar with communal bathing areas, but this hotel has this typical Japanese-style bathroom. Visitors all shower facing the wall before taking a dip in the communal onsen-style bath. If this capsule hotel near the Yamanote Line in Tokyo sounds intriguing to you, check dates and prices here.

The capsule hotel is located basically on top of Shinjuku station, which means access to all the area’s restaurants, bars, shopping, and of course, the famous Robot Restaurant.

Best Tokyo Budget Hotels Near the Yamanote Line

Traveling Japan on a budget but don’t want to stay in a hostel or capsule hotel? Here are some of the best Tokyo hotels near the JR Yamanote line where you can stay in a double or twin room on a budget. 

If wanting your own space is your main concern, consider staying in a private room in one of the Tokyo Hostels near the Yamanote Line too (above). 

Hotel Mystays Higashi-Ikebukuro – Ikebukuro/Otsuka

If you’re looking for budget hotels in Tokyo, Hotel Mystays is a good chain to start looking. All their hotels across Tokyo have budget private rooms, including a few hotels near the JR Yamanote line. Other Mystays locations include Nishi-Shinjuku, Kanda, Ueno, and for your way home, Haneda Airport. The rooms may be small, but worth the price you pay because of their many amenities: a kitchenette, bathtub, air-conditioning, and television.

This Mystays hotel is in Higashi-Ikebukuro (the neighborhood where my sharehouse in Tokyo was!). It’s close the Sunshine 60 mega-mall with its Pokemon center, aquarium, and observation deck. A shopping district in Ikebukuro is home to a huge Sega game center, Tokyu Hands store, and many animal cafes too. Check dates and prices here

Guesthouse Wagokoro – Nippori

Guesthouse Wagokoro is a beautiful budget hotel near the Yamanote Line, in the Nippori neighborhood. Rooms are either Western or Japanese style with tatami flooring, and each compact space is decorated stylishly. Check dates and prices here. 

Nippori is home to Tokyo’s Fabric Town, where shops are lined with traditional Japanese cloth, and other crafting cloths, for sale by the meter. It’s also close to Yanaka Ginza, a pre-World War II-era neighborhood that feels like you’re strolling back through time when you visit. This area is more off-the-beaten-path in comparison to others hotels on the Yamanote Line, but the trains will take you to Shinjuku in 20 minutes or Akihabara in 8 minutes. 

Landabout Tokyo – Uguisudani/Ueno

Landabout Tokyo is a stylish hotel which provides Western comfort with traditional Japanese touches. The rooms are budget but spacious, and larger groups and families can opt to reserve connecting rooms. The hotel has a large lobby and common area, with stylish interior design, and a rooftop terrace. Some rooms (like the one shown above) even have a view of the Tokyo Skytree

The hotel is located just north of Ueno Park, next to the Uguisudani JR Yamanote Line Station. This means you’ll be walking distance from the Tokyo National Museum, the Ueno Zoo, the National Museum of Nature and Science, and several other museums and temples within Ueno Park. The Uguisudani area will give you a more local experience, while still remaining close to the Yamanote Line. Check dates and prices here. 

Best Tokyo Hotels for Families near the Yamanote Line

Combining limited space, high rent prices, and large crowds means Tokyo is a hard place to find good hotels for families or large groups. If you’re traveling with a group of five or more, you may be hard-pressed to find Tokyo hotels that will fit all of your in one room. Here are some Tokyo hotels for families near the Yamanote Line that hopefully fit the bill for you! 

The Mimaru Tokyo chain is a great option if you’re looking for hotels in Tokyo for families or large groups. The relatively new Shinjuku West location is close to several of Shinjuku Station’s western exits, and is just two blocks away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, one of the best viewpoints over Tokyo.

Rooms available at Mimaru Tokyo Shinjuku West include Japanese-style and Western-style apartments, with a small kitchen and attached bathroom. Each room fits from four to six people. Some rooms even have bunk beds – more fun for the kids! Some rooms are also able to connect to the rooms next to them in order to accommodate large groups.  Check dates and prices here

Cha-an Hotel Ueno is a hotel on the JR Yamanote line and the Ginza subway line in Tokyo. You can reach Asakusa in one stop on the subway line, and you can walk to all of Ueno’s highlights like Ameyayokocho shopping district and Ueno Park’s shrines and museums. 

Cha-an Hotel combines western-style beds (some bunk beds available!) with Japanese-style tatami seating areas, perfect for enjoying a meal or snack from the conbini convenience stores. The rooms here fit from three to seven people, so it’s a perfect hotel for families near the Yamanote Line. Check dates and prices here

Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East – Ginza/Yurakucho

Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East is another great hotel in Tokyo for families, located in the high-end Ginza neighborhood. Although it’s a 12-minute walk to Yurakucho, the closest JR Yamanote Line Station, the hotel is located within 5-minutes from the Hibiya, Yurakucho, and Asakusa Subway Lines. It’s also a 10-minute walk to Tsukiji market, so you can get your fill of fresh fish every morning.  

Rooms here can fit 4-6 adults, and come with a small kitchen and attached bathroom. Mimaru also offers rentals for kitchen electronics and board games. 

Other Mimaru Tokyo locations (all in great Tokyo locations, even if some aren’t hotels near the JR Yamanote Line) include Ueno East, Ueno North, Nihombashi, Akasaka, and more. 

Check dates and prices for Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East here. 

Best Tokyo Hotels with Onsen near the Yamanote Line

Another check off the Japan bucket list – bathing in an onsen, or traditional Japanese public bath. Onsen were historically built outdoors over hot springs, but now hotels frequently have indoor onsen as well. They are perfect for aching muscles, or tired feet after long days on your Tokyo itinerary

The most famous place near Tokyo to experience onsen is the town of Hakone at the bast of Mt. Fuji. Check out my list of 10 hotels in Hakone with private onsen here

A few ryokans, capsule hotels, and bed and breakfast-type accommodation in Tokyo have onsen facilities available for their guests too.

Here are a few Tokyo onsen hotels near the JR Yamanote Line! 

Dormy Inn Akihabara – Akihabara 

If you’re looking for onsen hotels in Tokyo, the Dormy Inn hotel chain has several locations scattered around the city. The best one for onsen is Dormy Inn Akihabara, because of its location and the variety of onsen offerings. Dormy Inn Akihabara is near the lively Akihabara gaming and electronics neighborhood. 

This hotel has two open-air stone onsen, one for men and one for women, which is a rare find in Tokyo, especially for a place so close to the JR Yamanote Line. If you’d prefer, indoor onsen options are available too. You may be joined in the onsen by different seasonal fruits, to help you relax and rejuvenate even more. 

Keeping in line with omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality, the Dormy Inn Akihabara serves free bowls of ramen every evening and Japanese breakfast sets in the morning. 

Other Dormy Inn hotels near the Yamanote Line aside from Akihabara include Dormy Inn ShibuyaUeno, and Kanda

Located 5-minutes from Ikebukuro station and the JR Yamanote Line, the Super Hotel Lohas Ikebukuro has everything you need in a hotel – plus a big onsen! Ikebukuro is a hip neighborhood where you can hang out like the young Tokyo-ites do at game centers, karaoke bars, and cat cafes. Nearby is Sunshine 60 Mall, home to one of the best viewpoints in Tokyo, and a massive mall with an aquarium and events stage. 

The public onsen here is available in addition to private attached baths to every hotel room. Extra amenities include robes, toiletries, face masks, and lavish breakfast and dinner options for both Western and Japanese tastes. Check out the latest prices here

If you’re searching for rest and relaxation, the Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi has you covered. This top Tokyo hotel on the Yamanote line has a large onsen area with reclined seating, so you can soak your whole body in the hot water. The relaxing atmosphere continues from the onsen to your sleek room, to the stylish dining and common areas. 

The closest JR Yamanote Station to the hotel is Kanda Station, but you’re walking distance from Tokyo Station as well. In this business district you’ll get a great feel for corporate Tokyo and the restaurants and pubs that cater to Japanese workers. 

Best Tokyo Ryokans near the Yamanote Line

Ryokans are traditional Japanese-style accommodation, which preserve Japanese architecture, aesthetics, and of course omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality. Many visitors choose to stay in a ryokan in Kyoto, but there are nice Tokyo ryokan near the JR Yamanote line too! When planning your Japan itinerary, be sure to include staying at a Ryokan among your to-do list. 

Experience Japan to the fullest by relaxing at one of these Tokyo Ryokans near the Yamanote Line. 

The Edo Sakura – Uguisudani/Ueno

The Edo Sakura is a budget-friendly ryokan that’s located 12-minutes away from Uguisudani station on the Tokyo JR Yamanote line. This means you’re close to both Ueno and Akihabara to one side, and Nippori on the other side, where you can experience off-the-beaten-path Tokyo in the Yanaka neighborhood. 

Expect to sleep on the tatami floors in a futon in this traditional ryokan. A public stone bath option, as well as private attached baths, are available for all rooms. Guests can even join a traditional Japanese tea ceremony every morning. The Edo Sakura also has a private onsen available for rent on-site by guests. It’s on my list of Tokyo hotels with private onsen!  

Check rooms and prices here.

Hoshinoya Tokyo – Kanda/Tokyo

The Hoshinoya Hotel is an upscale, modern twist on a traditional ryokan. The hotel combines modern Western furnishings with traditional Japanese touches like sliding screen doors and tatami flooring. Hotel amenities include a large public bath/onsen, a spa, and several Japanese culture events that you can sign up for, for an additional charge. 

Located near both Kanda and Tokyo stations on the Yamanote Line, staying at the Hoshinoya Hotel means access to countless shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. You’re also just steps from the Imperial Palace! 

Tip: If you want to stay in a ryokan in Tokyo, you’ll find more options if you don’t stay near the JR Yamanote line and head to Asakusa, home to the Sensoji Temple. Check out the Kaminarimon Ryokan which overlooks Nakamise street, or the quaint Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa

Luxury Tokyo Hotels near the Yamanote Line

Traveling to Japan and wanting to live it up in style? Check out these luxurious, 5-star Tokyo hotels near the JR Yamanote Line. If you have the money to spare, definitely stay in Tokyo’s most gorgeous accommodation options, right on the Yamanote Line in the heart of the city.

The Price Park Tower Tokyo – Hamamatsucho

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel puts you right next to Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple, in Shiba Park. Even if you’re not climbing Tokyo Tower, the rooms and restaurants here have great views of Tokyo Tower. The one-of-a-kind views and luxurious surroundings makes this one of the best Tokyo hotels on the Yamanote line. 

This area has fewer crowds and quiet nights, but being close to Hamamatsucho Station (on the JR Yamanote Line) and Azabujuban (the Oedo Subway line) means you can be in Shinjuku in 15 minutes and Tokyo Station in less than 10 minutes. Staying here also puts you close to Takeshiba Station, which will take you on the monorail all the way to Odaiba and Teamlab Borderless Museum

Imperial Hotel Tokyo – Yurakucho

The Imperial Hotel near Yurakucho Station is a historic hotel that has been accommodating guests since 1890. It’s located just next to beautiful Hibiya Park and south of the Imperial Palace gardens, and walking distance from Ginza and Tokyo Station. 

What makes it one of the best luxury Tokyo hotels on the JR Yamanote line is its world-class facilities including a fitness center, saunas, and a pool, plus three traditional tea ceremony rooms open from 10am-4pm for Japanese tea and sweets. More than a dozen restaurants serve all types of cuisines and three different bars are open until late.  

Cerulean Tower Tokyo Hotel is located in the heart of Shibuya. It is a gorgeous 5-star Tokyo hotel near the Yamanote line that has all the action that Tokyo has to offer right at your doorstep. Shibuya’s famous dog statue, Hachiko, and the Shibuya Crossing are just six minutes away on foot, as is the Shibuya Shopping Gai.

All rooms are on the 19th floor and above, guaranteeing amazing views from every window. Some even have Mt. Fuji views! Eight different restaurants are available here, serving Japanese, Chinese, and French cuisine. At the top floor, guests can enjoy a lounge and jazz club with great views of Shibuya. 

Found your perfect Tokyo hotel near the JR Yamanote Line?

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Cheap hotels in Tokyo, best Tokyo hotels near the Yamanote Line, Budget tokyo hotels, Tokyo hotels with Onsen, Tokyo hotels for families, hotels near the Yamanote line, hotels near the yamanote line tokyo, hotels near JR yamanote line, tokyo hotels near yamanote line, hotels near JR yamanote line tokyo
Cheap hotels in Tokyo, best Tokyo hotels near the Yamanote Line, Budget tokyo hotels, Tokyo hotels with Onsen, Tokyo hotels for families, hotels near the Yamanote line, hotels near the yamanote line tokyo, hotels near JR yamanote line, tokyo hotels near yamanote line, hotels near JR yamanote line tokyo pinterest
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