30 Cute and Kawaii Things to do in Tokyo

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Kawaii culture in Tokyo celebrates all things cute and showcases the city’s playful side. Through colorful food, character cafes, and happy and heartwarming experiences, this list of cute and kawaii things to do in Tokyo is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! 

Activities like cosplay, visiting themed cafes, and shopping for cute souvenirs are only a few of the items on my list of cute things to do in Tokyo. 

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What does "kawaii" mean in Japanese culture?

Kawaii in Japanese is most often translated to “cute”. Anything that makes you want to say “awwww” or “so cuuute” is considered kawaii. 

During your time in Japan you’re guaranteed to hear kawaii being used to describe something cute, whether it’s a souvenir, an article of clothing, or a themed treat.

Incorporating a cute and kawaii Tokyo experience in your Tokyo itinerary will let you immerse yourself in this joyful side of Japanese culture. You’ll want to come back for more or take a piece of it home with you! 

Cute and kawaii things to do in Tokyo, cute Tokyo, Cute things to do in Tokyo, Cute things to do in Japan, kawaii Tokyo, Kawaii Tokyo activities, Kawaii things to do in Tokyo, cute souvenirs Tokyo

30 Cute and Kawaii Things to do in Tokyo

Here’s my list of 30 of my favorite cute things to do in Tokyo – add them to your next Tokyo itinerary

Looking for other things to do in Tokyo?

1. Visit Takeshita Street in Harajuku

No list of cute and kawaii things to do in Tokyo is complete without stopping by Harajuku and its famous Takeshita Street. That’s why it’s number one on my list! Takeshita street is the Mecca of kawaii culture in Japan and a pilgrimage spot for visitors to Tokyo seeking all things cute. 

Shops here include cosplay shops, cute and vintage clothing shops, anime and character shops, jewelry and accessory shops, and general Tokyo souvenir shops as well.

Takeshita Street is famous for its kawaii and colorful street food, which are all perfect for posing with on Instagram. Famous locations include Totti Cotton Candy Factory and their XXL rainbow cotton candy, and Le Shiner’s rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches. You can find kawaii crepe shops and other vibrant street food trucks around every corner too.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Check out these two options for Harajuku kawaii food tour and a half-day Harajuku food and culture walking tour

2. Take Purikura Photo Booth Photos

Wildly popular with local Japanese girls, purikura is a cute activity in Tokyo for friends and family. You’ll have a nice kawaii souvenir to bring home from Japan too. Each purikura session costs about ¥400 yen ($3.00 USD).

Purikura in Tokyo aren’t your ordinary strip mall photo booths. After taking a number of photos you can choose which ones you want to print, and you even can decorate them with stamps and stickers before they’re printed. To make yourself look extra kawaii, you can make your eyes look big, just like a doll.

Instructions for most purikura machines are in Japanese, but all you have to do to start is pick photo settings like frame colors and exposure levels. Input your email address into the machines so you can get a digital copy of the cute purikura photos sent to you!

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3. Visit an (Ethical!) Animal Cafe

Sipping on lattes while patting furry (or spiky, or slithery) friends has been a growing trend in Japan. Animal Cafes allow you to interact with different cute and unique animals while enjoying a drink and a meal. Animals featured in animal cafes across Tokyo include dogs, cats, hedgehogs, owls, otters, mini pigs… even meerkats and capybaras! 

In order to make your visit an ethical one, I recommend doing your research before you choose which animal cafe to visit in Tokyo. 

For ethical (and still super cute!) animal cafes, check out Inu Neko Lua Cafe, which fosters dogs and cats that are looking for their furr-ever homes. Neko Republic is also a cat cafe chain where all of their friendly felines are adoptable. 

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4. Visit a Maid Cafe

Visiting a maid cafe is undoubtedly one of the top weird things to do in Tokyo but it can also be a cute and funny experience too. Maid Cafes were first started in Japan to cater to otaku, young (usually) men obsessed with computer games, manga and/or anime who wanted to see a cosplay of their favorite female characters. This gradually evolved into a whole maid cafe culture, and now there are hundreds of these cafes across Japan.

Akihabara, or the manga and electronics center of Tokyo, is the neighborhood most famous for maid cafes (and otaku too). If you want to experience this cute and kawaii thing to do in Tokyo, I recommend booking Maidreamin, a family-friendly Akihabara maid cafe in advance. Akihabara is home to some seedy maid cafes too.

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5. Visit Gotokuji Beckoning Cat Temple

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path cute and kawaii thing to do in Tokyo, head to Setagaya’s Gotokuji Temple. This quiet Buddhist Temple is home to thousands of beckoning cat statues.

Maneki-Neko, as they are called in Japanese, are often placed in front of businesses and stores to beckon customers in. If you purchase one at Gotokuji Temple and leave it here, it is said to bring in more customers and bring success to your business.  You can even purchase your own maneki-neko from the temple grounds and add it to the collection as a wish for good fortune. 

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6. Visit the colorful Unko Museum

An unko (or poop) museum might not be the first thing you think of when you think of kawaii or cute. But of course the Unko Museum in Tokyo has somehow made it work! The Unko Museum is dedicated to the cuteness of poop, and is covered in colorful cartoon turds and toilets. Only in Japan! 

Here are some quotes from the website to get you hyped up about visiting this weird but cute place in Tokyo:

  • “Take pictures of various poops like the surreal flying poop and colorful shiny poop”
  • About interactive rooms: “Games using your body such as stepping on poop projected onto the floor”
  • About their arcade games: “Getting a high score will be more satisfying than taking a big dump!”
There’s also a wall of poops drawn by celebrities, and an “enshrined poop power spot”. Definitely a weird Tokyo attraction.
Purchase tickets in advance from Klook.

7. Visit a Kawaii Monster Cafe Pop-Up Shop

The Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku was a hot-spot for experiencing a unique Japanese dinner and show.  It was known for serving rainbow, monster-themed foods and drinks in an out-of-this world, bubbly and kawaii setting.

While the full cafe and monster experience officially closed down (TBD on reopening), their Instagram page posts about pop-up events around Tokyo, like parties, make-up booths, and street food stalls. Is there anything cuter in Tokyo than partying all evening with some colorful monsters?

If you want to take a piece of kawaii monster home with you, check out their online shop.


8. Visit Tokyo Station's Character Street

Tokyo Station’s basement floor is home to Tokyo’s Character Street, where each shop is dedicated to some of the world’s most famous, cute and kawaii characters. 

Find Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Crayon Shinchan, Chiikawa, Miffy, Mofusan, and more at Tokyo Station’s Character Street. It’s a perfect place to get some souvenir shopping done, because there are hard to find anywhere else, especially outside of Japan. 

It’s a favorite place for kids to visit in Tokyo because of the cute characters, and worth visiting during each trip to Tokyo because of constantly rotating pop-up shops.

If you’re into some of these character fandoms, be sure to check out my post about Pokemon things to do in Tokyo and Studio Ghibli things to do in Tokyo.

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9. Visit Sanrio Puroland aka Hello Kitty Land

Sanrio Puroland, also known as Hello Kitty Land, some of Japan’s most famous and lovable kawaii characters. At this theme park you can take pictures with Hello Kitty and My Melody, watch performances by your favorite characters, and take home plenty of souvenirs from the gift shop. 

Book through Klook to get discounted tickets for Sanrio Puroland.

If you love Hello Kitty but don’t have time to visit a theme park, check out one of many Sanrio Cafes across Tokyo, or stay the night in the Hello Kitty room at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo. Definitely a cute and kawaii thing to do in Tokyo! 

Sanrio Puriland

10. Find cute treasures at the Gachapon Department Store

Gashapon, or gacha-gacha, machines are famous in Japan, and many contain super cute toys and keychains.  The Gashapon Department Store in Ikebukuro is the best place to come for quantity and quality of gachapon toys in Tokyo. Bring a purse full of 100 yen coins and enjoy collecting some of the cutest things in Tokyo! 

Gashapon machines are simple: insert 100 yen coins into the machine, turn the handle, and get a cute and unique prize. Photos listed on the front of the gashapon machines show you the variety of prizes you might win, and each machine usually has a theme to it, including various anime characters, keychains, and other kawaii collectibles. Gashapon toys make a great, affordable souvenir and gift from Japan too. 

The Gashapon Department store is located in the Sunshine City complex at Ikebukuro (also home to one of the best viewpoints in Tokyo). Be sure to bring a lot of 100 yen coins with you! 

11. Order cute latte art

Another Instagram-perfect, cute thing to do in Tokyo is order your favorite animal or character to sit on top of your latte. Tokyo has a number of these popular coffee shops where the extra-talented baristas can make adorable, made-to-order latte art for your coffee or tea. 

One of the most well-known of these is Hat Coffee Latte Art Stand in Asakusa. It can be a 2-3 hour wait for a cute coffee if you don’t reserve a spot in advance! 

Another option, Reissue, is located near Harajuku’s Takeshita street. It serves not just coffee but also fruit cups, parfaits and other desserts (cute art included), making it a perfect place to stop in for a cute drink and snack after finishing some kawaii shopping in Tokyo! 

12. Have Afternoon Tea at Haute Couture Cafe

Haute Couture Cafe is a beautiful and Instagram-worthy cafe located near Naka-Meguro Station south of Shibuya. The luxurious and intricate drinks and desserts served here are sure to impress all visitors to this elegant spot. 

The only item on the menu are variations of high teas and afternoon teas, so be ready to eat lavishly at this cute cafe spot in Tokyo! 

If you’re visiting here during cherry blossom season you’re in for a treat – the cafe overlooks Nakameguro’s famous urban river that’s lined with cherry blossom trees. 

13. Visit the Studio Ghibli Museum

For fans of Studio Ghibli movies and characters like Totoro, Ponyo, Gigi, and the Neko Bus, visiting the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka is a unique and cute experience in Tokyo. The whimsical museum building was designed by the famous director Hayao Miyazaki himself, and will transport you to a Ghibli world of cuteness and wonder. Exhibits here showcase Studio Ghibli’s iconic films while also celebrating their animation and movie development processes.  

Read more about the Ghibli Museum and Ghibli things to do in Tokyo on my separate blog posts. 

If you love Studio Ghibli, be sure to consider visiting Ghibli Park in Nagoya too! 

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14. Stop by the Shirohige Cream Puff Factory

Near the Studio Ghibli Museum south of Kichijoji Station is Shirohige Cream Puff Factory, which is an official, Ghibli-licensed bakery that sells an array of Totoro-shaped cream puffs. Not only are these cream puffs super cute, they also taste delicious and come in a number of seasonal flavors. The store also sells limited edition cookie tins and other small Ghibli souvenirs that are unique to the store.

A second Shirohige location is located closer to Tokyo city center, near the Shimokitazawa neighborhood. This Shirohige also sells the beloved cream puffs, but is a full cafe with seating on the second floor, so guests can enjoy their cream puffs on-site. 

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15. Visit Cute Character Cafes (Pokemon Cafe, Kirby Cafe, Sanrio Cafe)

Tokyo has a number of character cafes that are popular with both tourists and locals. The best part is many of them can only be found in Tokyo (and sometimes Osaka), so they are a truly unique Tokyo kawaii experience.

One of the most sought-after character cafe reservations is the Pokemon Cafe in Nihombashi (near Tokyo Station). Reservations to this cafe book out instantly and for good reason – guests can enjoy food based on their favorite Pokemon, and even meet a giant Pikachu in the store! If you can’t get a reservation to the Pokemon Cafe, check out the just-as-cute and walk-in only Pikachu Sweets Cafe in Ikebukuro. 

Other character cafes include the Kirby Cafe, where the lovable pink Kirby character and his mates from the Kirby universe adorn all dishes and desserts. Fans of Hello Kitty can also go to the Sanrio Cafe in Ikebukuro, another cute character cafe unique to Tokyo. 

16. Visit Shin-Okubo for kawaii Korean fandoms

Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo neighborhood just north of Shinjuku is Japan’s largest Korea-town. The main street here is lined with a number of cute shops selling Korean skincare products, character goods, and don’t forget the kawaii street food stands too! If Takeshita Street in Harajuku was a hit for you, Shin-Okubo is another great cute and kawaii place to visit in Tokyo. 

Shin-Okubo is home to the famous 2-D Cafe, where the interior, and even the food, looks like it’s a flat 2-D. Another perfect Instagram spot to add to your list of cute things to do in Tokyo.

Shin-Okubo is also home to the kawaii and colorful Namchini82Cafe which makes floppy pudding animals, their cuteness which has been taking TikTok by storm.

17. Rent a kimono for a photoshoot

One of the most popular tourist experiences in Kyoto, renting a kimono (or yukata, the summer version), is also available in Tokyo. This cute Tokyo activity is loved by both tourists and locals, especially because of the photo opps it creates, and especially during joyful times of the year like sakura season! 

Sensoji Temple and Asakusa’s Nakamise area are the most common areas for people to rent kimono for a day. Check out the budget-friendly and highly rated Kimono Miyabi Asakusa for some gorgeous kimono rentals. Options include rentals for singles, couples, and families too, with some packages coming with a 30-minute photos package. 

18. Cosplay in Akihabara

If you want to feel cute and kawaii in Tokyo, why not try some cosplay of your favorite adorable anime characters?

Embrace your inner otaku (anime nerd) and transform into your favorite character with a visit to Cospatio in Akihabara. Choose from a wide selection of costumes and accessories, allowing you to cosplay as a favorite anime character, or just dress up super kawaii! Cosplay shopping selections here include colorful wigs and accessories, Japanese anime school uniforms, and character goods, and more. 

If you’re ok with paying top-dollar for a personal cosplay experience and photo shoot, check out this curated cosplay experience on Klook here

19. Stay at the anime hotel, Hotel Tavinos

Hotel Tavinos is a manga and art hotel in Tokyo that incorporates manga art from graphic novels onto basically every visible surface at the hotel. Each room has its own unique manga images, and the common areas, hallways…even the floors are decorated too! 

Each Tavinos hotel location has a different theme, such as Tavinos Asakusa in Tokyo having a festival and street food theme, and Tavinos Hamamatsucho having a shopping theme. 

For couples wanted to experience capsule hotels but not be separated by gender, Hotel Tavinos has some cool and unique manga art capsules which couples can share. 

For manga and anime fans, keep this super cool hotel in Tokyo on your radar

20. Indulge in Kawaii Donuts

Tokyo is no stranger to cute snacks and cafes. Floresta Nature Doughnuts in Koenji, West Tokyo is known for creating some of the cutest donuts in Tokyo! They sell seasonal donuts as well as donuts with kawaii animals and Japanese anime icons too. Some examples from the past include Helloy Kitty and other Sanrio characters, Gudetama, and even Shaun the Sheep. They’re so cute you won’t want to eat them! 


21. Have a kuma-san hot pot

One of the cutest dining experiences in Tokyo is having a hot pot at Kumachan Onsen. The name of this restaurant literally translates to “little bear hot spring” or “cute bear hot spring” (kuma is bear, while the –chan prefix makes the word small or cute). Every hot pot order here comes with a super cute and round teddy bear that melts to become the tasty and warming broth of the hot pot. Just like a cute bear sitting in an onsen hot spring! 

The main Tokyo Kumachan Onsen branch is in Shibuya, walking distance from Shibuya Scramble. Because of the popularity of this store, a number of Kumachan Onsen stores have popped up around Japan as well. 

At the time of writing, unfortunately no vegetarian options exist at Kumachan Onsen. If you’re looking for great veggie-friendly meals in Tokyo, check out my list of recommendations here

22. Shop cute knick-knacks at Daiso

Daiso is the most popular 100-yen store in Tokyo, and in all of Japan too. If you’re looking for cute souvenirs from Tokyo, be sure to check out all of the knick-knacks sold in Daiso. For tourists to Japan, some of the most popular items here include Japanese-print coin purses, origami, stationary, stickers, and unique snacks and candies. They also sell household and lifestyle goods, kitchenware, makeup… really anything under the sun! 

It’s a great place to buy kawaii souvenirs in bulk, because most everyone costs only 100 yen. 

Other 100-yen stores which also have cute souvenirs from Tokyo are Can-Do and Seria. 

23. Elevate your kawaii shopping at Loft

If you love the variety of items at Daiso, you’ll also love Loft. Loft is another homegoods and lifestyle product store that sells everything you ever wanted… and everything you never knew you wanted! 

Loft is a great place to buy higher quality cute Tokyo souvenirs to bring a piece of kawaii culture home with you. 

24. Visit Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Visiting one of Tokyo’s famous Disney parks might already be on your list, but here’s another reason to go: It is a genuinely kawaii experience! Compared to other Disneylands and Disneyworlds around the world, the fandom of Disney in Japan is the next level. Visitors here are not just families with kids, but girl groups, couples, and adults of all ages who love the characters as much as the next person. Disneyland and Disneysea visitors often dress up in their favorite character, or at least don a pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears.

The characters and workers here are also super cute, and much friendlier than other Disney experiences around the world. You’re also bound to hear Japanese girls yelling “kawaii!” (so cute!) all day, that’s how cute Tokyo Disneyland is!

25. Shop Character Goods at Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard is an underrated shop in Tokyo that sell anime and character fandom goods as well as an assortment of other interesting souvenirs. 

The two main Village Vanguard locations in Tokyo are Shibuya (connected to a Shibuya Station exit and steps from Shibuya Scramble) and the trendy thrift-shopping neighborhood Shimokitazawa. 

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26. Stay in a character-themed hotel room

Another kawaii and cute thing to do in Tokyo is stay in a hotel room with a kawaii character theme. Two examples include the Hello Kitty (and My Melody and Little Twin Stars) rooms at the Keio Plaza Hotel, and the Pokemon rooms at the Mimaru Hotel in Ueno. 

The Hello Kitty room’s floors, walls, cupboards, and bedsheets are covered in Hello Kitty designs. She even jumps out of the wall in a 3D art piece! This room at the Keio Plaza Hotel is a great place to stay near Sanrio Puroland theme park, which also celebrates Hello Kitty and her other Sanrio world friends. 

The Pokemon room is covered in Pokeball art, and is home to a giant sleeping Snorlax doll! 

Both of these hotel options are on my list of Cool and Unique Hotels in Tokyo. Check it out if you want some more inspiration for making your next Tokyo trip, the coolest one yet! 


27. Join a kawaii cooking class

If joining a cooking class was on your list of things to do in Tokyo, consider joining one of these super cute options, where participants make kawaii rolled up sushi bites or chara-ben, or character-themed bento lunch boxes. 

The first Kawaii Temari sushi cooking class is located in Asakusa. Participants make a unique type of sushi which is rolled up in a small ball with a topping instead of the standard nigiri shape. Line up a few of these and you’re sure to be proud of your plate of super-cute sushi rolls!

The second kawaii cooking class shows participants how to make chara-ben, or character bento boxes that Japanese housewives are famous for pulling off each day for their kids to bring to school. Each chara-ben will feature a pop-culture character and other decorations that will seriously up your lunch box game. 

28. Get cute nail art

Nail art is so common in Japan that you’ll find nail salons around every corner in the Tokyo neighborhoods that are popular with women. And trust me when I say the nail art here is next level. Add kawaii nail art to your list of cute things to do in Tokyo! 

One impressive nail art location, Nail Salon Pinky, has a set of incredibly cute character nail art options. Check out their character nail options here (which include Hello Kitty and Totoro of course, Disney characters, Minions, Snoopy, and more), or just admire their full gallery of insanely kawaii nail art. Your cute things to do in Tokyo list will be even cuter if you do everything with these incredible kawaii nails! 

The nail technicians here can speak English, and welcome foreign guests as well. 

29. Shop at Laforet, Harajuku

Laforet is a shopping complex bordering Harajuku and Omotesando in Tokyo that is home to various unique clothing and accessory stores. It’s a slightly more grown-up version of Shibuya 109 (more on that below), but has the similar eclectic, kawaii, and urban fashion stores within it. Visitors to Tokyo who are interested in unique clothing items and collectible goods shouldn’t miss this cute part of Tokyo. 

Laforet Harajuku is also home to the world’s only official Sailor Moon shop! Check out the current popups and other stores currently in Laforet on their official website

30. Shop at Shibuya 109

Girls and women in Japan who live and breathe the kawaii style all head to Shibuya 109 to go shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. This is the perfect multi-story destination to wrap up my list of cute and kawaii things to do in Tokyo! 

If you’re interested in shopping for your own kawaii accessories or just want to see what kind of unique and adorable clothes can be purchased here, be sure to add Shibuya 109 to your cute Tokyo itinerary. This building is filled with boutique Japanese stores which cater to different kawaii styles and brands that many Japanese girls love. 

The Shibuya 109 Instagram account also frequently posts about the latest or trending kawaii events, cafes, nail salons, desserts, and more. For example, check out their list of cute animal-shaped sweets from around Tokyo below! 


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